Who We Are

Square56 was born In the age of disruption,  kicking and screaming at the front door with amazing timing unafraid to fail.  We hold heavy stock in self exploration. In an era where companies fall off, brands fold and movements turn into whispers—it’s imperative for the soul of any business to have an anti-conforming agent. Thats where we come in.

What We Do

We are an agile team of directors, DPs, editors, creative consultants and graphic artists. Think of us as your unapologetic younger sibling with candid thoughts. Ideation is the fire starter. From there we brand, storyboard, produce and translate concepts into tangible manifestations. Working jointly and seperatly we live for the challenge but love simplicity.

Please do not confuse the two

The word storytellers is a no no for us. Storytellers have a long history of stretching the truth. To put it simply, storytellers are liars, they fib and sometimes they tattle tell. We are more like polished and refined documentarians, gathering facts and saucy tidbits. We honor the truth, so we prefer to call our work documercials. It’s simple, documentaries are factual and transparent. Commercial work, when done correctly helps us relate to, draw empathy from and humanize brands. We are the best of both WORDS.

To make more than a simple statement, a photograph has to enhance the significance of a fact, the psychology of a person and the specificity of a subject.”


Bradley A. Murray






Bradley is your favorite blunt personality. Hailing from Chicago by way of Evanston, but don’t tell him that he is not from Chicago. An avid black and white photo enthusiast, his work is a mix between a social documentary and a slow motion national geographic series only with a little more edge. If he were ever to be introduced he would like for it to be known that he has great sympathy for new born baby giraffes.

Onasis Odelmo




Onasis is the innocent inquisitive. He will ask you a question no one has asked you before and actually be interested in the answer. He is a proud Guyanese gentleman, meaning he is from Guyana not to be confused with Ghana. He is a highly social individual that has an affinity for quality made boots. He is also the creator of Quoth, Square56’s in house photo booth. A fun fact about Onasis is that he will never ask anyone for a car ride from the airport.

Daniel Stewart




It may sound strange, but Daniel is what sarcasm looks like. Amid his kind mean mug, this talent of his can be best acquired through his twitter feed. Born in the middle of the internet age, Daniel can fix anything, especially anything tech. If he cannot fix it, he will either google it or ask for help on twitter. Daniels favorite terms are; “Valid” (a term of agreeance) and “Say Less” (an active form of agreeance).

Dante Marshall






Dante is like one of those framed motivational picture quotes that you see in an aged doctor’s office. Needless to say, he is a self starter and an advocate for anyone with good energy. From the D, “Detroit” for those that are unaware, he now lives in Los Angeles and is the founder and owner of The Art Direction, a Brother company of Square56.  A simple concept by Dante is that he would rather have fun than to be  sad.

Vickee Yang



Vickee is the most nonchalantly fashionable person you know. Her nationality is Hmong and she is sure you have never heard of it— but wouldlove to change that. Vickee is the master organizerand can tell if you are lacking in that area. A specific thing to know about Vickee is that she doesn’t wear gym shoes unless she is at the gym and that she cannot snap her fingers.





Vanessa Hobson


Vanessa is the unexpected observant, born and raised in the best city in the whole world – Chicago. Although she is creatively adept and artistically cultured, brand management is in her nature. She advocates for transparency and simplicity to cultivate lasting relationships. Lastly, Vanessa is a twin and that alone gives her special powers that she can’t disclose.